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Are You Programmed To FAIL?
by Mukesh Choudhary

ISBN: 9788119927791
SKU: book136M
Pages: 255
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Non-Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.430 Rs.365
Price (ebook): Rs.183

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Do you think money is the first requirement to start anything? If yes, you are wrong. Who decides our growth in our lives? It's none other than our 'de' thoughts and our 'de' habits (depowering and empowering). This book is about recognizing the real game of a happy and successful life. It will definitely help you in taking decisions for your sparkling future. Secret of 365 'de' MESSAGES is a book series by 'de' Managing Director. The author runs 'de' INTENSIVE TRAINING SEMINAR and started his books writing with Secret of 365 'de' MESSAGES. Level 1 - Are you programmed to fail? This book is about learning of two different lives the author has seen while undergoing transition from an employee to an employer. When the author chose to enter the uncomfortable zone and decided to take risk for his vision, he faced many challenges and learned a lot of new lessons taught by those challenges - failures, crises, and efforts. This is a true story of learning during the struggle days and a story of posted experiences in the form of 'de MESSAGES' on a daily basis since 16 July 2015. By reading this book, one can learn what is the power of thought, the power of desire, the power of belief, the power of faith, the power of reading, and the power of mind. While reading this book one can explore what is success, what is leadership and what is a happy and successful life. You will definitely learn how depowering beliefs take us to failure and misery, and how empowering thoughts and habits make us a successful person.