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Break Up
by Ayush Maskara

ISBN: 9788119927500
SKU: book74M
Pages: 124
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.225 Rs.149
Price (ebook): Rs.75

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Padhle Beta, pyaar wyar ke chakkar mei parega to kahi ka nai rahega – If you study, you will have a good future.' This is a claim often repeated to children and teenagers by parents and teachers in many parts of India. They often forget that there is also a world beyond studies, a world of creative pursuit and more than it. My higher education and further career thoughts have been completely haunting me. There is no polite, polished way of saying this: studying from one of the best schools in my area with the most chosen stream in the district has not yet benefitted me in any way! Many of us are either forced or brainwashed to choose any stream after school by our parents, who are labouring under the illusion that correct stream is the gateway to money and success. I always had a doubt; but now, years after studying and still, I know for sure that studying what we like and doing what we enjoy may not always lead to money and success but it is definitely the route to happiness.