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by Dr. G. Ramya

ISBN: 9788119927111
SKU: book32M
Pages: 127
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Academic
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.225 Rs.149
Price (ebook): Rs.75

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This book is a mini version of complex chemistry. This will provide you with fascinating facts about chemistry. Your reading journey will start with the applications of chemistry in day-to-day life to the fundamental particle of every matter in depth. The “Autobiography of atoms” is an interesting chapter where the atom speaks to you about its nature. The exclusive collection of rhymes about the elements in the periodic table will help you to remember the elements periodically. The formation of bonds and types of reactions are explained with diagrams found elsewhere. Special efforts have been taken to show the different dimension of chemistry lab for those who are scared of practicals. Organic chemistry and its nomenclature are cracked in a simplest way to enable you to understand it better. This book classifies the separation techniques and the need for the separation. The section about water will enthrall you to know the various aspects of water – source of life.