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by Shubham Sinha

ISBN: 9788119927494
SKU: book131M
Pages: 236
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.283 Rs.220
Price (ebook): Rs.110

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What is more important friendship or love?? Can miracles still happen?? Are friends still more caring than the so called relationships? The story starts with Rihant who works for a Book Publishing Company, receiving a manuscript about the real life story of Shabd. Shabd is a good hearted and decent kinda boy. He falls in short term relationships and gets cheated upon. He falls in love again with Sanskriti. Eventually his life becomes perfect. He has the most beautiful girl as his girlfriend who loves him more than herself. He couldn't ask for anything more from life. Few months later, his life is a mess. A mysterious stranger, Samaira, comes to his college by following him halfway across the country, his relationship is falling apart, someone is keep on attacking him trying to hurt him and he don't know who and why, and somehow all these are connected. But Shabd's manuscript ends without unraveling any mysteries. Why will someone send an incomplete manuscript to a Book Publishing Company? What will Rihant do? How will he find Shabd with just a manuscript? And will he able to get all the answers? Who was Samaira?