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Happens For the Best
by Abhishek Pratap Singh

ISBN: 9789360260293
SKU: book205M
Pages: 173
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.261 Rs.196
Price (ebook): Rs.98

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About Book

This book is a fiction book written in Hinglish. It is different because of combination of Hindi and English. Now a days people use social networking site like Watsapp and Hike for talk. Mostly, they talk in Hinglish so all Indian youth are the creator of this Hinglish language. In this book a story of college student Abhimanyu who falls in love. Priyadarshani is a girl and Arpan’s girlfriend. On the other hand Abhiamnyu and Arpan are good friends and roommate also belonging to the same city Agra. When Abhiamanyu saw Priyadarshani first time on the Agra railway station, he falls in love in a second ‘love at first sight’. Many times Abhiamnyu tried to say I Love You but he could not because of Arpan and their friendship also. Abhimanyu knew the importance of true friendship in life. In the last year, Abhimanyu planned for a trip, especially for Priyadarshani because at that time Priyadarshani had broken up with Arpan. After this trip, will Abhimanyu get his true love? Find the complete story in this book.