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by Rakesh Sharma

ISBN: 9789360261085
SKU: book169M
Pages: 134
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Fiction
Language: Hindi
Price (paperback): Rs.214 Rs.149
Price (ebook): Rs.75

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"Dharma, Kaama, Raajneeti Yuvao ke liye is Dunia ki shuruaat se hi paheli bane huye hai. Inhi Paheliyo se ulajhate aur unhe suljhate ek yuva ki anokhi kahaani" The wake of 16th century saw Hardaul, a young prince gaining power over the kingdom of Orchha, Bundelkhand. Orchha Flourished under his leadership. Hardaul provided the external security by fostering a very powerful and technical army. He also assured internal security by implementing unblemished democracy at the grassroot level for his state's development. The Mughals grew envious on these developments which ultimately led to a war between Mughals and Orchha. Hardaul's increasing power and popularity at a very young age attracted many enemies in Orchha and Mughal Kingdom, which resulted in a filthy conspiracy against him. The Author has attempted to weave the present Indian political scenario into this fictitious story. How is the story relevant in current Indian scenario? About which aspects of Dharma and Karma did Hardaul fathom? What political tactics did Hardaul reveal? What modus operandi did Hardaul implement to make Orchha a developed state? Who won the fight between the Hardaul and Mughals? What's that filthy conspiracy against Hardaul? To know more about the most famous youth of Bundelkhand's History, Read....... Hardaul – Ek Bharatiya Yuva Ki Soch.