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How To Add 50000 Productive Hours To Your Life
by Sanjay Kumar Agarwal

ISBN: 9788119927432
SKU: book153M
Pages: 346
Size: 6x9 inch
Category: Non-Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.440 Rs.375
Price (ebook): Rs.188

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This book deals 'Time Management' and 'Goal Setting' both at great length. The author has revealed, how 3 productive hours can be gained per day by using GOPTA - 'Goals Oriented Positive Thinking and Actions' - translating to about 1000 productive hours a year and 50000 productive hours during the next 50 years, which you can utilise towards achieving your goals in different walks of life and striking balance in different walks of your life. Author's lifelong research in these topics has resulted into creation of this book, which will help you to identify:- What are your goals in life, How to identify your plus & minus points (and suggest to capitalize on plus points while showing the ways to improve on minus points), How to move from negatives to positives at the levels of beliefs, attitudes, habits or time utilization patterns, How to make use of power of positive thinking, How to develop power of focus towards achieving their goals, What skills need to be developed over a period of 2-3 years, which will help you lifelong, How to maintain balance amongst different walks of life, How to most efficiently utilize your time towards achievement of your ultimate goals, How to prevent self from excessive usage of TV, internet and social media, How to use social media for your advantage, What is the true meaning of happiness and how to find it, What is success and how to achieve it, How to use law of cause & effect in favour of achievement of your goals, How to get rid of negative habits, which can easily be discarded, And above all, to inculcate the belief that you can succeed.