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I Wonder Why … I Should Marry?
by Dr. Daniel Wagner

ISBN: 9789360269456
SKU: book161M
Pages: 172
Size: 6x9 inch
Category: Non-Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.499 Rs.399
Price (ebook): Rs.200

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Growing up in this present world is full of challenges. The most important decision in life, is the decision to accept or reject Jesus Christ. The second most important question in life is, how to find the proper life style. Never before has the world been attacked on the moral fiber of society like today. The devil is in the process to destroy society by a strong wave of immorality and advanced perversion. How should people find their proper identiy and their GOD ordained purpose in this chaos? Does GOD care? Is there are clear answer? In this end time perversion, anybody is exposed to incredible seductions and deceptions. Sexuality, nudity, and provocative pictures are all around us. Beastiality is often taught in kindergarten. Society has lost its consciousness for purity and beauty. Laws are rewritten to promote promiscouity. Is there any hope? Are we really free to behave like animals? Could it be, that GOD has a perfect plan for relationships, family and a new beginning? Don’t wait, get you life and house in order. GOD tells us, that truth will set us free. Are you free?