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Karma isn't such a bitch!
by Rashmi Rathi

ISBN: 9789360268190
SKU: book168M
Pages: 115
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.199 Rs.139
Price (ebook): Rs.70

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He is a post-graduate from IIT and IIM, has an envious life; great parents, a supportive family, a lovely wife, a renewable energy startup which is already very successful and growing at a fast pace. He has everything that a person could wish from life. One day, an Income Tax raid on his company triggers a sequence of fatal events that brings his almost fairy tale like life crashing down. Desperately looking for an answer to his plight, a pre-destined, but, rather eventful encounter with Shiv Nath (Baba) at Pachmarhi, provides Krish with not only an answer to his plight, but, also sets him on a life altering course; equipped with the knowledge of a science that is as ancient as life on earth itself and a technique that will help ground his restless mind. Embark on this journey with Krish and equip yourself with the knowledge of this simple law or science that can even help you to lead a fulfilling life.