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Last Question Unanswered
by Arun Kumar Gautam

ISBN: 9788119927388
SKU: book93M
Pages: 254
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.299 Rs.239
Price (ebook): Rs.120

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About Book

It is a story of the college life of six students and raises important questions regarding education, fake advertisement, student life, and relationships. It has drama, love, suspense, and mistakes which most of the people make in their youth. The story starts when the lead character of the book Dev hands over his personal diary to Sadhana and suddenly disappears. Sadhana starts reading his diary and falls in love with him many times. But sometimes she starts hating him as well. The story reaches to an end when Sadhana closes the diary, but there is one question which still remains Unanswered and specifies the title of the book Last Question Unanswered...