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Love Beyond Imagination
by Fuhar Arya Choudhury

ISBN: 9789360264093
SKU: book231M
Pages: 228
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.287 Rs.222
Price (ebook): Rs.111

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Here is another fascinating love story from the lanes of India. The cupid has finally shot his arrow deep down into the hearts of two strangers, Jasmine and Aarush. Their names may sound usual but their story doesn’t. Jasmine is an introvert, who always loves to stay in her cozy shell; everything in her life is perfect or let’s say beyond perfect... But life takes an unpredictable turn when she meets Aarush, who isn’t just of opposite religion but also that they share nothing but the contradiction. He is a total flirtatious but there is something which pulls Jasmine towards him, so to be clear she thinks that, he is the one for her! The real story begins when they both fall madly in love carefree about their differences, the hope begins when they realize how lifeless is their life without each other, the twists begins when their parents comes to know how badly they broke their trust, the adventure begins when they plan to elope, the pain begins when they see the unexplored and unexpected side of their partner, the sacrifice begins when someone between them needs to sacrifice their identity and the religion, the fear begins when they are caught by the police and family, the betrayal begins when they are brought back with the false promises and hopes, and the battle begins when they stand alone barehanded against the whole world.