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by Nilanko Mallik

ISBN: 9789360264604
SKU: book197M
Pages: 234
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Academic
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.345 Rs.280
Price (ebook): Rs.140

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Macbeth: Critically Annotated Shakespeare is the first in a series of books set to provide detailed critical explanations of the lines, along with hints on performances. The book is meant for students, teachers, scholars, researchers, and also for performers. A lot of the annotations look at how the parts should be performed, and they are mentioned by placing two star/ asterisk marks before the note number in the explanations. A visible advantage of the book is that the annotations are on the same page as the text, so that the readers don't have to flip through pages to look at the annotations and turn back to the text. The flow of reading is not disturbed as the annotations are on the same page. Besides giving annotations - which not only provide explanations of lines, but also offer character trait discussion and discussion of other issues, so that students will find lots of matter for academic needs - the book also provides background information on the playwright and the times, about his works in general, and then explores some topics related to the text, covered under Textual Analysis section. The references don't just list the works which have been cited, but also list other quality works which students can resort to (hence, I have not written 'Works Cited' but 'References'). Last but not the least, the illustrations enhance the knowledge of the readers and make the book a wonderful academic, and leisurely read, as well as a read for performers and directors.