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Main Apni Akhri Sans Tak Tumse Pyar Karunga
by Daksh Chungwani

ISBN: 9789360260552
SKU: book256M
Pages: 204
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Fiction
Language: Hindi
Price (paperback): Rs.255 Rs.190
Price (ebook): Rs.95

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Some love stories are meant to make histories and to enlighten the world about the correct definition of love. Every moment of their love story is such that it feels like as if their love story is planned by God in some special manner. There is a similar story of Mahit who is a Bollywood screenplay and story writer. He has returned from Mumbai to his home to save his drowning career for completing his significant script. Mahit's loneliness and unwanted search for Pavitra was gone as soon as he saw her and this happened as if it was his fate. Even after knowing that Pavita was his maid, he couldn't control his love for her and was expecting if she could understand those feelings. Pavitra was smart enough to understand the difference of status between them and continued the relation of friendship. The pain of this life was so unbearable that the tread of their life got tied together in an unbreakable bond. It's said the love is blind and so are the lovers, but this society is unable to understand this and makes a scandal out of this love story, so Mahit and Pavitra had to cross the burning bridge of their life which bring about a change in their whole life. Story of true, unbreakable bond of love, and Pavitra's commendable sacrifice which has the essence to touch the heart and souls of everyone and an unpredictable end is never heard.