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Microfinance and Tribal Women Entrepreneurs
by Navin Kumar Rajpal

ISBN: 9788119927814
SKU: book137M
Pages: 251
Size: 6x9 inch
Category: Academic
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.345 Rs.280
Price (ebook): Rs.140

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Microfinance has passed a long journey from micro saving to micro credit and micro credit to micro insurance. The programme was started in Bangladesh with initial financing of small amount loan of US $ 27 to 42 families affected badly by famine of 1974 by Professor Mohammad Yunus of Chittagong University. This resulted in establishment of Grameen Bank, Bangladesh generally known as modern micro credit institution. This book highlights the status of Microfinance in India with special reference to Odisha. It provides the information about the different stake holders, role and responsibilities and extended support over years. It further involves capturing of information related to grassroot level organization and execution of programme at Mayurbhanj (one of the tribal dominated district of Odisha). The book analyses prevailing and emerging status of SHGs, market scenario, financial status, socio economic impact and major challenges and opportunities. Silent features of this Book are: Highlighting the status of Microfinance and its execution at National and International context. Broad information about the different stake holders and their contribution in promoting WSHGs in Odisha. Importance of SHGs in Financial Inclusion (Saving and Credit Linkage). Addressing importance and status of WSHG federations in Odisha. WSHGs in Mayurbhanj and Role of Mission Shakti in their Development. Financial Institution and Credit Support to WSHGs in Mayurbhanj Financial Performance of WSHGs in Mayurbhanj Activities Undertaken and Problems Encountered