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Nine Days - A Rescue Mission
by B. John Kunthara

ISBN: 9788119927418
SKU: book145M
Pages: 144
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.275 Rs.209
Price (ebook): Rs.105

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Thousands of NRIs come to their Mother Land for vacations at least once a year. Especially those have parents still alive back in India. Elsy and Mathew are not any different from those ordinary people. Every year they looked into this vacation time. Since their children were grownups and taking care of themselves Elsy and Mathew were worry free couple. They love to spend time in their flat in Kerala and take some side trips while they are in India This year also they started their vacation travel from Houston Texas were they are settled now. But this time on second day of their arrival in Aluva Kerala all their plans got shattered. Vacation became a nightmare and tension filled days. They became victims of a crime they fell in without their willingness or knowledge. But they did not lose their faith and trust in other good people. In that agonizing time there children came to help. They all learned so much from this saga. How the drama unfolded at the end and who were the players in this drama? How Elsey and Mathew became victims? Who helped them to find an end to that difficult period?