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Our Plans Vs. Destiny
by Pratibha Sharma

ISBN: 9788119927760
SKU: book49M
Pages: 249
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Non-Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.320 Rs.255
Price (ebook): Rs.128

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We prepare a blueprint for our life and join the rat race to achieve that. God, the Supreme also has his plans for us and sometimes these two plans do not match. This book is written in search of answers for questions what is to be done in such situation. Our Plans Vs Destiny is the story of my family, our sacrifices and memories of good and bad times God showed us. The book revolves around a couple who struggle to lead a content life for them and their children. This story is a reflection of parents' love and care for their children to give them a comfortable, happy and enduring life. Only parents can give what even they don't have.