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The Spiritual Battle For Salvation
by Dr. Daniel Wagner

ISBN: 9789360266806
SKU: book160M
Pages: 483
Size: 6x9 inch
Category: Non-Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.899 Rs.699
Price (ebook): Rs.350

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Time is seeming to go faster and faster. Events worldwide are keeping us speechless. A lot of things are not adding up any more. The spiritual confusion amongst Christianity becomes more and more complex. What is going on? Are we living in the endtimes? Is something about to happen? The present church is spiritually asleep. A strong spirit of deception is deceiving the church into a false Gospel and a false Christianity. Christian leaders world wide abandon biblical faith and they embrace the New World Order and the New World Religion. The devil disguised as big helper has replaced biblical truth with deceptive truth. The majority of believers support and promote the fortold hellish nightmare of the one world government. Unless church leaders wake up and stand up for biblical truth, the majority of Christians will be damned to hell. Will Jesus be able to find biblical pure faith on earth, when he returns? You might be instrumental in starting the last and greatest reviva.