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Was That You
by S. Sarvesh Bharadwaj

ISBN: 9788119927241
SKU: book39M
Pages: 165
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Non-Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.240 Rs.160
Price (ebook): Rs.80

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A cup of coffee can change your life. It's very true in my case. Yes! The idea of scripting this book began in a food court of my office, when I was in Hyderabad. It was an unusual day when I had no work. I started walking towards the cafeteria, accompanied by half a dozen friends. We settled down sipping the coffee. Suddenly, a friend of mine said 'Guys, let's do something. Each person seated here has to tell about their first love, for a few minutes.' Everybody narrated their story. I was the only one who was left out. I was forced to start my part. I smiled and said 'I am ready for it, provided you guys have patience.' 'Please go ahead' was the common reply. I started narrating from day one of my college life. It took more than an hour for me to give a gist about Meghna. When I was almost done with it, the comments were, 'Man that was awesome,' 'You remember even the colour of her dresses,'