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Delhi Eternals
by Sanjay Kumar Verma

ISBN: 9788119927371
SKU: book58M
Pages: 315
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Non-Fiction
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.353 Rs.299
Price (ebook): Rs.150

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Outer world keeps disturbing our inner. If something bad happens to us we react, we get angry and feel depressed. There is not a single day that we are at peace. Our ego gets wounded very easily. We don’t know in life in which direction we should go. Our life is full of tension and worry. To get out of this tension and worry we watch television, chat with our friends over the mobile, spend time on internet surfing, visit some mall, movie theatre and dine, go on holidays within country or abroad, smoke and drink with friends or alone, engage in sexual activities, attend some party, pray or visit holy places with false self, read some book, keep working for more and more money. Again after some time the tension and worry in some other form surfaces. We repeat the same chorus of act again to get out of this. We get old but the tension and worry are still there. What is the way out of this? People fight with each other on trivial issues in home, office or outside. Every day there is violence in some part of the world. There is terror attack or there is some crime happening. Newspapers are full of these kinds of news. Violence has become an incurable disease. Aim of writing this book is to understand the role of peace in our daily living and thereby making world violence free. This book is full of life discussions which lead you to understand your false self and once the false self is understood, true self automatically flows in. The language of book has been kept simple for better understanding.