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Into The Oblivion
by Piyush Singh

ISBN: 9788119927357
SKU: book129M
Pages: 70
Size: 5x8 inch
Category: Poetry
Language: English
Price (paperback): Rs.215 Rs.150
Price (ebook): Rs.75

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About Book

Into the Oblivion' is an exquisite collection of poems written by Piyush Singh during his illustrious writing career of over 14 years. The book not only carries the poems but it also carries the narrative as well reflecting upon the play of emotions and frame of mind the writer was in as he was being lead to express the experiences in forms of these poetic verses. The book which can also be referred to as notes from life takes inspirations from day to day life and reflects emotions in true unadulterated form as they create a state of unawareness towards ones own surroundings, leading both the writer and the reader to beautiful existence of being one with themselves, into the oblivion.